Hey, I'm Eddie. First things first, I'm a creative.

Plain and simple, I really like making stuff.
Hence, Eddie makes.

My Brands:

High Five For Love Photography
Started this with my wife in Fall of 2011! It was our main business & time spent.

Grainhappy Photo Tutorials
I've always loved teaching. Here I dish on what to think about when you pick up your camera, along with some business & marketing.

An easier way to share content on Instagram. Link to one main page, then users enter codes to go to different places. This way you can promote multiple different things at once.

Photobooths are fun, but waiting for your photos is not! Everyone has a screen in their pocket, so let your guests pull out their phones and view their own images, in real-time! Guests go to boothcode.com and enter a code in order to see their images. Fast, efficient, and so much more user-friendly!